Maintaining Your Air Compressors Is Vital

Air compressors play a vital role in almost any industry you can think of, from food through car manufacture to pharmaceuticals, so much so that regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance is vital.

Compressors operating at less than optimum will cost a company in money terms, put workers at risk and decrease the lifespan of the compressors themselves, leading to further cost.

Air compressor maintenance is not expensive. In fact, maintenance contracts prove extremely cost effective when you consider the cost of replacing or repairing malfunctioning or broken parts and, in extreme cases, the entire compressor.

Here are just some examples of what can go wrong with an air compressor and how you can avoid it through regular maintenance.

  • As compressors collect air humidity and dust are also pulled in. This humidity and dust will accumulate at the bottom of the tanks over time, causing rust and weakening the interior walls.

It is therefore essential that the tanks are regularly drained and most compressors are fitted with a valve for this purpose, making it a relatively simple but important process.

  • Regular cleaning of the air intake vents is another important part of maintenance that can extend the lifetime of your air compressors. Naturally, as the compressor sucks in air it also pulls in dust and other particles. Over time the vents can become clogged which means the compressor has to work harder to pull in the required air.

This will, eventually, lead to a reduction in power, increase in costs to run or a complete failure of the machinery. Regular cleaning of the vents will prevent this and keep the machinery working at full capacity.

  • As with the air vents, the air filters in compressors should be checked regularly as they too can become clogged in dust and other particles. Filters should be changed approximately every six months or whenever there is a significant build up.
  • Finally, fuel and oil tanks, where present, should be regularly checked, cleaned out and topped up to ensure full performance of the air compressor.

Investing in a maintenance contract for your air compressors with a reputable company will prolong the life and maintain the performance of your air compressors.