Husky 120-Volt Inflator – Tire Inflator with Gauge

Husky 120-Volt Inflator is one of the best Tire Inflator with Gauge. And if you need to inflate tires, air mattresses, balls or other sports equipment this 120-Volt inflator will be the best solution for such tasks. It has a powerful and at the same time quiet motor, which can quickly inflate everything you need.

Due to the pressure gauge you have constant control during inflation, besides you can just check the pressure inside the tires and if appropriate, to pump up to the necessary pressure. In addition, the pressure gauge of the Husky 120-Volt inflator glows in the dark.

Overall if you’re looking for tire inflator with gauge, in this case Husky 120-Volt inflator will be the best choice for you. This tire inflator is made of quality materials, has a very light weight and compact size. And also it has one of the lowest prices among all the inflators. The maximum pressure which it can provide is 130 psi .


Husky 120v inflator

Husky 120v inflator

Model # HY120;
Type – Portable compressor;
Assembled Height – 5.75 in;
Width – 8.976 in;
Height – 6.22 in;
Maximum Pressure – 130 psi;
Voltage – 120 V ;
Manufacturer Warranty – 2 Year Limited Warranty;
Cost from $29.98.

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