Husky 1.5 gallon Air Scout Compressor

Husky 1.5 gallon air compressor is very compact but surprisingly powerful air compressor, which can do a lot different tasks in your home. It has really good technical specifications: 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, 3.0 SCFM at 40 PSI and maximum pressure is 135 PSI.

This Husky 1.5 gal air compressor has powerful 1 HP motor and oil-free pump which is greatly reduce its maintenance and you do not need to think about oil change.

It has a compact lightweight design, very comfortable handle and wheels which allow easy move it. It best fit for such simple assignments like: clearing workspace, mounting siding and inflating tires, children pools or balloons.

This air compressor very easy to use. In addition it equipped with 13 pieces accessory kit which can be really useful for your tasks.

But if you want to do a lot of painting or you have other air tools which require a lot of compressed air then you should look to the compressor with bigger air tank.


Husky 1.5 gallon Air Scout Compressor

Husky 1.5 gallon Air Scout Compressor

Model # 41004, 41214;
Type – Portable compressor;
Height – 17.5 in;
Width – 14.5 in;
Weight – 32.5 lb.;
Tank capacity – 1.5 gal;
Horsepower – 1 hp;
Maximum Pressure – 135 psi;
Amperage – 8 A;
Tank Material – Steel
Manufacturer Warranty – 2 year limited.
Cost: from $79.00

Customer Reviews:

– This little red Husky 1.5 Gallon air Compressor can do the job, do not let its small size to fool you… Capable of more than 135 PSI and 1.5 gallon air tank is sufficient to meet domestic needs, or a house, if you like. The next day we brought him home, I shook everything in the vicinity of the tires on cars, football, basketball, soccer balls .

I even used it to the gutters of the house to clean, and cleanse 3 computers in the house was so dusty and it works great. Why buy banks air if you have this Little Red Husky air Compressor You can not go wrong with this compressor so buy him the confidence that you will not regret it.

– I had this compressor for inflating my car tires, and things such as inflating balloons and children swimming pool. This husky air compressor completely solved all my problems.
I love this little air compressor by Husky. Just unpack it and turn it on, now it ready to do your tasks.


– If your air compressor stopped building pressure, then first of all your should check the outlet tube and the pressure switch. One of these parts can be broken and you should replace it.

– If you feel that your compressor has become generate smaller amount of compressed air then you should drain a condensate out from air tank