Husky Trim Plus 3 Gallon Air Compressor, H1503TP

The Husky Trim-Plus air compressor is ideal for powering nail guns finish, high tire inflation plus a lot of small body air tools.

This Husky air compressor equipped with a high-powered 1.5 HP motor and 155 PSI oil-free pump that provides 2.5 standard cubic feet of air per minute at 90 PSI, Trim-Plus is the most high-powered oil-free compressor in its class.

Husky Trim Plus 3 Gallon Air CompressorThe compact design this Husky H1503TP air compressor, and relatively low weight, make it easy to load in truck and carry wherever it’s needed. The control and set out, and big gauge output easier to adjust precisely the pressure on the tool.


They also have a second gauge on the rear panel of the device to indicate the pressure in the cylinder. The ball valve on the tank drain is a good touch-more comfortable than the more typical screw valve.