Husky 120 Gallon Air Compressor, Stationary – HH9919910

Husky 120 gallon air compressor is the biggest Husky air compressor which was ever made by them. As this is a very big air compressor so its specifications are equally impressive.

It delivers 6.8 SCFM at 40psi, 35 CFM at 100psi and 33.6 CFM at 175psi. These values allow you to use several air tools at the same time without any problem. Husky 120 gal air compressor equipped with 3-stage motor which generates up to 10hp. The motor works in conjunction with quality mounted magnetic starter which will protect it from extensive overloads.

This air compressor has 2-stage oil pump with additional cooling system. Husky 120 gal air compressor is pretty loud. Its maximum noise level is about 90dBA. So it would be nice to have acoustic earmuffs to protect your hearing while it works.

With this air compressor you can do any task which require compressed air. But it isn’t suitable for home use as it has heavy weight (about 920lb) and it hasn’t wheels for transportation. This stationary air compressor is designed to work in the auto-workshops and in the industrial shops which requires constant access to compressed air.

Specifications:Husky 120 gallon air compressor
Model # HH9919910;
Type – Industrial, Stationary compressor;
Height – 60 inches;
Width – 29 inches;
Depth – 75 inches;
Weight – 920 lb.;
Tank capacity – 120 gal;
Maximum Pressure – 175 psi;
Voltage – 240 V ;
Amperage – 27 A;
Tank Material – Steel;
Pump – Oil-lubricated;
Delivers 5.1 SCFM at 90psi, 6.8 SCFM at 40psi.
Power Source – Electric
Warranty – 2 year limited;
Cost: from $2,649.00

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