Husky 4 Gallon Stack Tank Air Compressor, H1504ST

This Husky 4 gallon air compressor is lightweight, has powerful motor and oil-free pump. This model is ideal for a large number of tasks.

Husky 4 gallon air compressor equipped with powerful 1.5 HP motor which delivers 2.8 standard cubic feet of air per min at 90 PSI and maximum pressure is 155 PSI. That’s plenty of power to run multiple finish nail guns or one framing nail gun.

This Husky air compressor model is completely portable, as it has 6 inches wheels and telescopic handle. Due to twin stack air tank, Husky 4 gal air compressor will be ideal for any inside or outside tasks.

As Husky 4 gal air compressor has oil-free pump its maintenance is really easy for everyone and you do not need to think about oil change.


  • High pressure oil-free pump, low maintenance;
  • Two air outlets for running multiple tools;
  • Wheels and telescopic handle;
  • Only 41 lbs. for easy move between projects;
  • On-Board storage for Nail gun, hose and accessories.

It has 2 quick connectors on the control panel, therefore you can run multiple air tools. H1504ST model by Husky has enough on-board storage for hose and power cord. It even comes with a hook which mounted on the sidewall of the air tank for storing some air tools, like a nail gun.

Husky 4 Gallon Stack Tank Air Compressor
Brand Name – Husky;
Model # H1504ST;
Type – Portable compressor;
Height – 21 in;
Width – 21 in;
Weight – 41.5 lbs;
Tank capacity – 4 gal;
Horsepower – 1.5 hp;
Maximum Pressure – 155 psi;
Air Delivery – 2.8 SCFM at 90psi;
Gauges – 2.0 in. diameter;

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